Saturday, July 31, 2010

We introduced Kenna to Thai food today!

Den and I decided to get the rest of the school shopping done today so we got out the $2 Layered Cami secret sale coupons and headed out to Old Navy.  I had picked up my limit of Cami's day before yesterday and since Kenna wears one almost everyday, I decided it would be a good idea to pick up a few more.  $2?  Almost as cheap as used (and at Flo's:  Cheaper!)

So we made our way through the rain (YES!  Rain in Phoenix!!!!) to Arrowhead and found black, navy and more black and navy Cami's left.  Grabbed about 7 with two of us.....and headed to the clearance section.  We searched for pants (since PacSun super clearance took care of the tees/shirts previously) and we got a few pairs of jeans to try on.  The good news is that she's grown tall enough that I don't think we'll have to shorten the jeans!  And of course the jeans that fit?  Price tag said $30.  $30 at OLD NAVY, really?

Well, it's hard to find pants, especially jeans that fit her just right, so I decided if she wears them religiously, we could afford them! (You know, you take the garment price and divide it into how many times it is actually worn to come up with the "value")  Well, two things happened at check out which I found out after the fact.  The jeans rang up under $9 (they WERE in the clearance section) and she rang my $2 Cami's up at the IN STORE promo price of 2/$10, not my $2 coupon price, even though I gave her the coupon.  So, then I was bummed.  And kind of pissed because I'd have to go back to argue the price adjustment and how do I prove I had the coupon?  Ugh.  I hate this.

Oh, before we went to Old Navy, we decided to let Kenna try Satara Thai, our fav Thai place.  We got pork, ginger and mango lettuce wraps, Crystal noodles with "stuff" and some yellow curry with Chicken.  Den got Pepper Beef and we all ate.  Oh, I was so proud of Kenna!  First Greek food and now Thai!  This is the kid who wanted no experimenting away from the hamburger or chicken nuggets from menus just months ago!  Nine seems to be a terrific age for her!  We had a blast!

So we decided to hit another Old Navy on the way home and stopped in Avondale for another round of fun!  As most schools in AZ are starting this week, I was really shocked that the stores weren't busier.  We were able to run right in and paw through clearance racks.  Found another pair of jeans:  this time only $7 and change!!!  But she found two clearance (and I use the term loosely @ $17 a pop) blouses for her new jeans.  I was in a giving mood and agreed on them.  Diva is SET for school....and all told I did it for less than $200, accessories included!  Yeah, I'm good.

Kenna has had a growth-inspired summer..and not just in her height!  She has been excelling in her art classes, she's taken a "Hollywood Camp" where she did a mock interview of President Obama and did a fake commercial and decided she rather enjoys acting!  She's been doing some cool "art" on a graphic arts site and I'm amazed at the stuff she creates there and her taste in music is also changing.  It's cool.  Change and growth are good.  AND, I'd expect no less from my girl.

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