Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The whole day....Tuesday

Basically yesterday we slept in late and enjoyed the morning in our room. It was rather rainy and very damp and cool. We are still okay with a chilly day as we know we shall soon be baking again :(

So we got up and around to go find a place for lunch. We like Sweet Tomatoes and here they're called Souplantation..........but it's an all you can eat buffet made up of huge Salad bar, about 8 different soups, baked potato and pasta bar and the required froyo station. So we ate healthy and then went in search of Kathy. Oh, stopped in a new to us Costco (they each have unique stuff!) but only ended up with books for K and Den. Then onto the book signing.

After the book signing, we were all hungry. We decided to go to the restaurant we'd had pizza from the previous night.

see post directly above this one for yelp

What a great day!

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