Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sick on vacation.....not fun! Not even a little bit!

I had a tingle in my ear that turned into a raging PAIN! Found a Ready-Care Clinic type place and found out I have a really bad inner ear infection. Drops and pills later....I am still not feeling great. Ugh. We shall see. So today was a bust from all sides. I finally talked Den and Kenna into going down to the hotel courtyard where they are still sitting by the awesome fire pit!

So, today is a wash but yesterday was a blast! We went to Laguna Beach and drove around looking it over. Very eclectic artist community. Not as awesome as the La Jolla, Del Mar area N. Of San Diego-but still cool. We ate @ Ruby's Diner and then went to the coolest beach! since I wasn't feeling too well, I stayed near the car but Kenna and Den went down the lingering pathway to the beach (down a very big hill!) and she played in the water and he shot a million pictures. Life was good. While I was in the car it felt as if a big truck was going over the top of the parking structure (it was kind of underground parking but there was no upper level with traffic on it) so I began to think.......hmmmm...there's no traffic up there! I wonder if that's what an earthquake feels like. It was just kind of a rolling lilt.

So when Dennis comes back to the car he asks if I felt anything. Apparently everyone coming down after they did were talking about the earthquake we just had! Being on the beach, they didn't feel it at all. We confirmed that a 5.4 quake rattled windows in L.A. but was centered near Temecula....about 40 miles away. Cool! Now I can say I've felt an earthquake. I don't think I ever need to experience one again!

I'm glad we hit the beach because today I had to take time out to go to a clinic. My little ache turned into a raging ear ache this morning so bad that I could no longer handle it.....turns out it's good I went. I was running a fever and have a very bad inner ear infection. Sadly, the female Doc I got was interesting....she first asks why, if I have insurance, I don't have a family doctor. Um, because I'm on vacation! Or I would go to my regular doctor! "Oh, you're from Arizona? How do you feel about everything going on there?" I am assuming she means politically: She's really asking me this? I told her that I'm in the minority on the issue as I feel that just being Hispanic looking isn't enough to be detained for four hours with your hands cuffed behind your back to find out: gee, you were born here in America to American Citizens!!!! Apparently, she's on the Majority side of this issue and I'm way too sick to argue with her so I just ask if we can get back to my ear issue. REALLY?

Drops and pills later I came back to the hotel and slept all day. I told the other two to go see a movie or do something and when I woke up, they were still here! I finally shooed them out: to the courtyard! I'm starting to get hungry finally. Might be time to go find them!

We haven't made it to many of the restaurants I got deals from...........but we did have some of the finest Italian food I've ever eaten! Tomorrow we drive to Oceanside and go to Kenna's favorite beach spot! Then we're going to go eat at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza. I think we'll end up going home Saturday. Den's got a presentation for the President of ASU, Michael Crow, on Monday so we want him relaxed and ready. I'm not sure if going home Saturday or Sunday would make that easier! Wink, nod, wink!

Eh, overall, it's been a very relaxing vacation, not really filled with too much excitement. Life is good though and that's what it's all about! Good food, good hotel! Happiness!

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  1. Nice to see Kenna smiling... Loved that statue! Hopefully the ear feels better... misery, I can feel you from here.