Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am the mother of a ten year old girl!

McKenna's birthday was yesterday.  She is a decade old.  I guess that's kind of a big milestone.  I remember back to her birth........barely remembering some details.  Some will be etched in my mind forever, like seeing her blond head for the first time and thinking, who's child is that and where is mine? (The drugs hadn't worn off yet and I just wasn't expecting a towhead!)  Or being upset that when she had been cleaned up and bundled neatly into a blanket, before I had even had a chance to meet her, Den whisked her outside to meet both sets of Grandparents and her aunt Kari.

I remember the look of awe/disgust in Chelsie and Brit's faces as she emerged from the birth canal (great birth control for pre-teens!) and how my sister was awesome in keeping me calm and helping me push.  Dennis was great too but it really was my show.  I was lucky to have a terrific doctor.  The thing that amazed me was how well I did!  I guess I was expecting to be a big wuss and I did a pretty hard labor and survived it.

I remember how my emotions were all over the place the weeks following the birth.  I remember the awe I had over this new being I had helped create!  I have enjoyed every moment of being McKenna's Mom!  I have learned so much from this journey through Motherhood and suspect that I have much left to learn.  I am so blessed that God and a few choice relatives in heaven picked her little brilliant soul out for Den and me to raise.  So blessed!