Monday, July 5, 2010


So we made it down around 7:45 a.m. to see if it was worth getting up for the "included" breakfast at our, thus far, wonderful hotel. I automatically saw the large beverage bar stocked with coffees, teas, some sort of juices and cocoa. Sailed right by all of that and the pizza oven-type toaster thingee which drops your bread out after burning it (it DOES)...and ignoring completely the waffle maker. I wanted to know what the big silver cylindrical vats held. First was some cubed type potatoes which looked dry and boring, the second held both bacon which looked lovely and sausage which looked a'ite. The third held some mighty fluffy and yet boring very yellow scrambled eggs. Then there was also an area with home made looking oatmeal and many toppings, a strawberry topping for said waffles, a bowl of peaches and fresh strawberries, dry cereal and yogurt. Oh, and apples and oranges.

Then I sat my large, real square plate down at a real table and a real chair and went back for a big cup of Joe. I emptied my requisite 4 creams in my cup and poured Full on caffeine in my cup. When I got back to the table, Den was there with Kenna's waffle which he helped her make and asked her if she wanted guava or orange juice. Guava juice? Guava juice? Pretty exotic, dontcha think?

So, I had to get up and get my Guava something (there were two fruits involved in this puppy) juice. I'll try to get more tomorrow and post what the second juice was....but lemme tell ya this: It's the best damn juice I think I ever drank! It was like nectar to the Gods and I'm not joking.

The next oops I made was assuming that those cubed potatoes were dry or bland. They were so spicy and yummy-not at all bland or dry. Two helping later I was very pleased. Eggs were bleh but the potatoes, divine. The peaches and strawberries were a surprise as well. Fresh and yum. Overall a much better showing than most "breakfast included" places go. Brava, Ayres Hotel and Spa, Brava!

Now, there is supposed to be an included nightly Manager's reception and I saw none tonight but the hotel is touting this: "yea, there's no papers delivered due to the observed State Holiday" today. But tomorrow I want a generic house glass of Vino and a monotonous assortment of appies. Oh, that's right. Tomorrow we're going to Kathy Griffin and her Mom Maggie's book signing. Drats, foiled again, but by Wednesday evening I'll be searching for said drinks and appies, Ayres!

Oh, yes, the Opa! Part: McKenna loves all things Greek so we decided to search for authentic Greek food for her to try. We found a great little place and had Gyros and Hummus with Pita and assorted other Greek items. She liked it, Hey, Mikey, she'll eat anything! (that's quite an exaggeration as she's usually quite picky) but we are happy to say that McKenna had her Greek food and I had some very tasty Pita if I do say so myself!

Overall it was a day of shopping and being chilly. We played cards in the courtyard for quite a while and then sat around the fire pit to stay warm! (wasn't it some 50 degrees hotter just a bit ago? And now we're freezing!) Well, that's why we're here!

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