Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Again Long Lost Friend (California!)

I am back after a few month's absence! I love this area so much that I really wish I had unlimited income so I could be here all the time. Well, so the entire family could afford to be here all the time! Except when they wanted to visit somewhere else....which I guess could happen. No, I really can't!

We are staying in a lovely, lovely place here in Mission Viejo. I will include the link to the Hotel. I shall return here again and again if it stays this nice!

They are all suite rooms with wonderful amenities. Check out the photo tour on the site. Den is sleeping and not feeling very well, but the other two of us shall venture out soon to view fireworks from the lawn of the hotel! It's a non-balmy 75 degrees high here today. Probably much cooler by now. We walked out of Chili's after our "linner" @ 3 ish and Kenna says: "It's like room temperature out here. Same as inside! I love it and I'm never gonna leave!" Considering it's a 40 degree drop from home, I agree!

Antsy girl is ready to go find some we shall leave soon to see if we can see them. It's been a few years since I've actually seen them live as I have zero desire to sweat like a piggie while viewing them!

We were going to check out Balboa tomorrow but a friend told me that there are really huge waves hitting through Tuesday so we may re-evaluate our itinerary. We are going to go buy Kathy Griffin's book and stand in line to meet her Tuesday evening in Huntington Beach! Kenna and I love to watch her show! Her Mom Maggie will be there with her book as well. What fun!

Hopefully, we'll have pictures. Well I'm gonna get the camera out and see about these fireworks. More later, friends. Good to be back on here posting!

Oh, and it wouldn't be a 4th of July tribute without mentioning my Aunt Helen. May you and Uncle Ron and Stevie, and Steve and G&G Martin and Johnnie Otto and Patty and ALL the rest of you whom I love on the other side have a rockin' day! I know that you are making everyone wait a half hour after eating to swim and there's enough food for an army! Love you all!

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  1. Love the layout... Thank you for taking us along on your vacay... :)