Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey, Hey it's a new year! Well, school that is!

Yup, here in Arizona they start early.  School started August 8th!  Wow!  I can't believe my last post was almost a year ago!  So McKenna did very, very well for her time in public school.  She did especially well in math!  Go Kenna!

This year she really wanted to go to an Art School.  She made a great presentation to us on why she thought it would be a better fit for her and we had to agree!  The school she picked is big on both Art and Academics and that made us happy.  They do have a relatively relaxed dress code and they DON'T CARE WHAT COLOR HAIR YOU HAVE!!  I see streaks of bright red, purple, green, pink, blue and I see whole heads of vibrant bright color!

I don't think it's distracting to anyone's education..........however, I think it makes the kids feel more in control of their own individuality!  I think it's an awesome aspect of going to this school.  I saw a kid with a zombie unicorn shirt and I've seen kids with short shorts on........but they have leggings on underneath (short shorts are a no no alone!)  I'm down with that! 

I love the kids who look like Flash Dance throw backs!  This school offers music, dance, fine arts, drama and vocal classes.  McKenna has piano and Art for electives which she gets every single day.  There are a few issues because it's a brand new school but man are they pretty cool!  She is happy and having fun. 

Happy to see her so happy!