Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Day and then Home ;(

So we finally had dinner Thursday night at the Hotel's restaurant. It was pretty good....and I didn't have to go anywhere-which after sleeping most of the day was good! Den and Kenna met a nice family from Michigan so they had lots to talk about while vegging at the fire pit. We had our dinner and went back to the room where I promptly fell asleep. Apparently, my infection really took a toll on me and sleep was really, really nice!

Friday dawned and we finally got Kenna ready to check out of this hotel and go down about 40 miles to Oceanside. Sometimes waking the sleeping, dreamy child is NOT easy to do. Sometimes, you may suffer the wrath of sleeping beauty! This was most def one of THOSE days!

Finally we packed all up, and by we I mean Dennis! He is the super packer guy! All those years living out of hotels is really good for this particular thing! Thank GOD! Cause I hat to do it. I got to deal with "wrathful girl" so I think we were about even!

Beautiful drive down to Oceanside and we were very early, but the La Quinta hotel very graciously let us check in early. I told them that we would be leaving today, instead of Monday when I had originally made the reservations through and he kept asking me if I really wanted to do that. See, we got a REALLY good rate and he said that they were fully booked and if I changed my mind and wanted to stay, it'd probably be taken. I told him that while I would LOVE to stay (and probably never go back to Phoenix if truth be told), that I'd spent the previous day in the Ready Clinic and decided home was best for me.

I have to give my kudos to the La Quinta Oceanside: while there is a "gentleman's club" right next door and no is very clean, very big and the BEDS are fantastic! I'd most absolutely stay there again...and hopefully will ;) Come on, it's right next to a Military Base, so I consider the "gentleman's club" pretty much okay....I mean, don't our boys (and girls) deserve it? Oceanside is an awesome eclectic mix of funky and tacky. My kind of place!

Oh, while I slept yesteday at the hotel after arrival (still having the ear thingee kickin' my behind) Dennis took Kenna to the beach we love there in Oceanside. She found a real, non broken sand dollar (which Dennis promptly broke-luckily after the picture-but ROYALLY pissed the K off!) They had a blast and came back wet, cold and happy!

Oceanside is good also because it's just down to road from one of our Fav restaurants! So for dinner we went to Sammy's Woodfire Grill. YUM! No, this is not exclusively a food blog-but I do enjoy food! So deal!!!!

I got the Lobster bisque I'd been craving since sampling Mom's last visit and Kenna and I split a 5 Cheese gourmet pizza-only we skipped the Gorgonzola and had them put more Fontina on it. Good call over all....and the shaved Garlic rocks! No red sauce good, so good! Yes, I'm aware that this is more Italian food. Did I mention Pizza and Italian are my downfalls?

Today, we woke up kind of lazy, knowing it would be our drive home day and Den was happy to learn that THIS La Quinta served bacon, sausage and eggs with the breakfast (another plus over the La Quinta in Carlsbad!)...then we packed yet again and made our way down the block. Oh, I don't think I've mentioned yet that California seems to be filled with non-franchised mom & pop Donut shops. There's one on every corner or every shopping center. Forget Dunkin' it's totally different each mile.....but we'd been hankering for donuts...or Donatus, as we lovingly call them...and I saw a shop and said: let's get donuts! (I don't do La Quinta breakfast!) we stopped at a place called: Hill Street Donut House. It had an A on the door (California Restaurants place their restaurant inspections for all to see and A's as good as it gets!) so in we went.

They had a bunch of different donuts displayed in the case and some cool looking croissant type things. I looked at the menu and it said: croissant and then Croissant with ham and cheese. Really? They looked yummy and there used to be a french bistro in Meridian Mall, Okemos, MI that used to carry the most divine Croissant w/ham and cheese....I used to buy them all the time. Can I just say that that Ham and Cheese Filled Croissant brought back instant memories of my youth so BADLY that I went right back in and bought a second one! I ate the donut I got much later and had I eaten that one then, I'd have gone in and bought out everything!

God, I'm glad I don't live weight loss would be NO loss!

And then we drove home. Uneventful..........and we are home. No more donuts, no more excitement....except for the one piece of Four Cheese Pizza I brought back with me! Dinner!

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