Monday, July 18, 2016

But If We Don't Vote for her then Trump will be elected! And other things bumming me completely out these days.

I have completely been enamored with Bernie Sanders since the late '80's when I first became aware of this Politician who defied all of the odds and won elections.  First locally, then up the chain until he was a very well respected Independent Senator.


I liked that he really seemed to believe in what he voted for.  He took some pretty difficult stances on things I agreed with;  War, poverty, environment, incarceration, corporate welfare, and just people's issues.  He seemed like a breath of fresh air!


I always imagined a day when Bernie could run for President and win!  Then the unexpected happened and someone finally talked him into it!  He said if Elizabeth Warren wouldn't then he felt compelled to do it.  He didn't want Hillary.  He didn't want whomever the likely candidate would be from the Republican side.  So, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work.


I personally believe that the whole thing was rigged from the "get go," with the DNC insiders and the Clinton's deciding just how to rig it to win it.  I will always believe this.  So when I hear that Bernie endorsed her but did not concede to her I imagine that he's still hoping for an upset at the Democratic National Convention.  As am I.


Listen, I get it!  Everyone is terrified of Trump (or should be.)  I get that you think that, at least with HRC, we'll get a better chance at a more liberal SCOTUS.  We should all "plug our noses" and vote for her at the polls come November........lest Trump  the racist, homophobic, narcissistic misogynist get elected.  WWIII may very well start.  He'll have the codes after all.


So what do you see happening if HRC gets elected?  She is Pro-Military Industrial Complex, Pro-Isreal, likes private prisons, thinks black males are "Super Predators" and will do just about whatever her Corporate Masters ask of her....including passing the illustrious TPP.


If you are unaware what the TPP is, then you need to find out as much about it as you can.  It will basically strip every inch of our constitution away from us.  Selling us down the rest of the river that NAFTA (you remember, her HUSBAND'S pet project?) didn't.  It really does gut the constitution completely.


Obama is already fracking in the Gulf all over the place.  If climate change isn't addressed immediately we will have NO world to govern (think Hunger Games on steriods) but I should vote for Clinton because she's better than Trump?????????????


I can't do it.  I cannot in good conscience vote for someone because they are a little less terrifying than the other guy.  I really do not think it matters anyway as my vote has as much chance of counting as Melania Trump has of staying Donald's wife after the first crow's feet show up on her face.


I am hoping the DNC sees that Bernie can beat Trump and HRC can't.  Short of that I will vote for Jill Stein.  I am tired of losing friends over this and I am tired in general and I think I need to disappear for a while.  You vote for whomever you want.  It's your right.  For now. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why I closed my yelp account!

Folks: I have closed my yelp account and here's why:
I have been a loyal yelper in Phoenix having been an elite for five years. This year I chose not to apply for elite due to time constraints of a personal nature.

I actively tried for years to get my parents on the site and when they did my mom put up a review of the place she lives. Holiday Spa. It's a 55+ retirement community here in Phoenix. She doesn't work there but has lived there for about 15 years. She reviewed the park after she figured out how yelp works. I was very proud of her for getting "social!" It was a proud moment. 

This park is like Payton Place (hope you get that reference). Or, rather like a Junior High School, in that there is a lot of in-fighting among the residents. Apparently one of them must have complained about my Mom's good review. Now, if you look at my account you would see mine for the community as well. It has been on yelp for quite a while.

The park is beautiful and they have new management that my parents get along with (as opposed to the old manager who was let go for various reasons but has many people who blame my parents for pointing out to corporate her short comings, which lead to her removal.)

My parents wanted a community which is safe and they were instrumental in removing management that did not share that view. They are not employed by the park in any way.
Because you have chosen to disrespect my mother (Lucinda Martin) after it took me SO long to convince her to be a yelper............I have decided that I am not going to help you make money from public driven content (mine!) Whomever "reported" her was petty.

So good luck, and I know you don't need me, but I will also be issuing a notice to all of my social media platforms about how you treat an older first time yelper. Good day!