Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love Maggie & Kathy Griffin!

I was so tired last night when we finally got back that I let Kenna blog about her amazing experience and decided to wait till this morning to do mine! After all, it was her first Celebrity Meet and I wanted her to be front and center....and was she! Kathy may profess to not like kids but she was more than wonderful with the Kenna girl!

Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List is one of our "guilty pleasures" at our house. We love Kathy's wit and her ability to just not give a damn if people like her or NOT! Gee, who does that sound like???? So we were so happy to see she was going to sign books in Huntington Beach right when we planned to go to Cali! I have to give Den and Kenna kudos because we got to the bookstore and bought our books-Kenna wanted her OWN copy...and then they sat on the floor in line (we were number 55 in line THREE HOURS before Kathy was going to start signing!!!) There was no way I could get on the floor and my body has been feeling the "not my own bed blues" for a couple of days I asked the people in charge for a chair. They said that I could go sit somewhere and join my people in line near the signing I went across the store and read a book while Kenna and Den sat and waited. For the last hour they had to stand as there were so MANY people and they were sardined in so bad. I had a hard time standing the last half hour once I joined them!

The excitement level kept rising and rising and finally: there was Tom! Tom, her manager was up at the table....he looked so cute! So we knew they were close............and then we heard clapping and cameras of all types going off....there was Kathy, Maggie and Tiffany-her assistant!

They are SO tiny! And Kathy was waving her "put her hand way in the sky" wave! Then she chatted with the audience around her for a minute. She was wearing a Mumu, in honor of Maggie. (this was actually a signing for her Mom's book as well as Kathy's book) so she was focusing on her Mom. She then went on to explain that Maggie was beside herself because Maggie was told by Tiffany that Target now carries individual boxed wines! She said that they'd probably fit in her Mumu pocket! Hilarious as always.

Then they sat down and the line started moving! They were very gracious and spent time with each and every person chatting and yet it only took about 45 minutes to get up to them. I told the intro person that Kenna had her own book and I wanted a picture with Just McKenna and them (another person took your camera and did the pictures, you weren't allowed to take the personalized pic) but when they had Kenna go up the Intro person said: "These people came all the way from Phoenix to meet you and the little girl wants a picture alone with you guys!" Well, Maggie grabbed my hand and said" Oh, bless you for coming all that way. I said that Kenna just turned Nine and she was so excited to meet them and considered it her birthday present!" Kathy then asked her name and K says : Um, McKenna! and I bought my OWN book! Kathy looks at me and says: there might be some words in here that Mom won't like. I then assured Kathy that McKenna has not only heard them but most she has repeated!

All I can say is that Kathy and Maggie are much more beautiful in person than they even appear on screen and amazingly gracious and personable. They made us feel very special. It was an awesome time and we will always remember it.

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