Sunday, March 14, 2010

We're Finally at the Beach!

We woke up after a somewhat noisy night at the La Quinta Irvine, CA. We were quite ready to see some water. After a pretty quick drive we made our way into Oceanside. We decided to find a little beach along this stretch due to the much easier walk to actual beach than the rocky, steep descent that most of Carlsbad has. We were lucky to find parking places right near a public beach entrance. Excitement! Oh, what? No puppies on the beach? Okay.

So Kenna, Daddy and Poppy (other name of Bumpa, Grandpa, Dick) made their way to the shore for a shell-seeking afternoon. Nana and I went to the public dog park across the street. We found a very nice bench and set about making friends with several canines who came to make Syd's (Nana and Poppy's dog) acquaintance. This made Syd's day and Mom and I really enjoyed hanging out watching the birds. There was this really cool bird which looked like some sort of Heron and several really neat looking ducks. All black head and white bill but different than the duck bills I'm familiar with...and all much smaller in size.

We bonded with quite a few ladies on the trail we were near and also bought some Girl Scout cookies from a girl quite close to her 500 box goal. What a terrific idea to bring a wagon full of cookies to a park full of picnics near a bunch of surfers! They were doing a wicked business!

Then off to Sammy's Woodfire Pizza for a "Linner" (lunch/dinner) of yummies. This is one of Den's favorite eating spots here. I think my tastes must have improved from our last visit. It was quite delish this time! We'll probably hit it up again before we leave. Everyone was happy with their meal and we ran the gamut from Salads to Pizza to Wraps.

I'll post more picks on facebook but I've included a few. Kenna and Nana are swimming in the pool and Den is snoring on the couch. Love this family-friendly hotel right down the street from a Porsche dealership with mega million homes surrounding. So wonderful. I really would move here if I hit a Mega Millions lotto myself! This is the shit.

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  1. looks like you are all having a great time. Hello to all. Happy Travels!!