Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ca-Li-For-Nia Here We Come!

So I am pretty much packed and waiting for Den and Kenna to get home to go pick out my new laptop! My former one officially clinked because the lid won't close and I'm entirely sick of dealing with it's little foibles. So off to Costco for either an HP or a Sony we go!

McKenna has packed, but I'm thinking I'll take a look and see just what got put in there, before we actually leave. She thinks that two pairs of pants, the underwear she's wearing and a couple of tops makes a suitcase for a week. Um, right.

We went to Bookman's yesterday and we spent my gift certificate I won from the Local First Arizona fair. While there, they were nice enough to have a trivia contest (my forte) so we won an additional $5 voucher because I happened to know that Chuck Norris was born in Oklahoma. Before you ask, "Why, no, I am NOT a Chuck Norris aficionado, just a trivia junkie!" Kenna took some stuff in for trade and they actually bought a movie, so all told we made it out for less than $3 real money!

I was amazed at my "little" girl's choices. Some sort of Vampire book (not shocking), James Van Praagh's LOOKING BEYOND: A Teens Guide to the Spiritual World, Silver Ravenwolf's Teen Witch and a Harry Potter-esque type Dragon tales book. Quite specific reading for an eight year old, yes?

Here's to a week of wonderment and fun as Nana and Bumpa (otherwise known as my parents Lucy and Dick), Den, Kenna and I leave for an exciting and much needed vacation to Los Angeles and then down to Carlsbad, CA. Enjoy the journey!

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