Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off to Visit Elizabeth and Baby Maya!

So we packed up and headed for Hollywood! Actually a little West of Hollywood....didn't see the Hollywood sign, although we were on the other side of the mountain where it is located. Bummer. Wanted a picture. Little bit of a freaky drive. I don't do mountainous roads well and there were a few today. A few bits of traffic too! Imagine traffic jams in LA!

Got to Elizabeth's and was so happy to get to catch up with her and see Maya for the first time! We also got to meet Elizabeth's cool cat Sheba.......I want her! We completely loved our afternoon of cousin time. Then more traffic and finally Irvine La Quinta! Burgers for dinner from

Yum! Maybe not the best burger in the world, but it was very good and the condiments and bun were extremely fresh. Den is affectionately called the Burger Boy! However, I think a grilled chicken is needed in my thinks I'm "burgered" out for a while!

Vegging at the hotel tonight and then on down to the BEACH and Carlsbad tomorrow. I need to bond with the Ocean again. I miss the sound of waves. Guess I'll have to listen to them tonight on the Ipod to put me to sleep! Oh, I lied. I think Ruby's burgers are tomorrow's feature.

I want Italian soon though. Or chicken or just some soup! Another burger, really? And this was MY idea to hit as many famous burger joints as possible? I guess that's true!

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