Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I don't want to leave here.............

It's Tuesday which gives us the rest of today, tomorrow and Thursday. We leave Friday. It has NOT been long enough. Reality hits Friday the minute we pull into our driveway. Back to drop off and pick up from school, homework, dinner: AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't EVEN think about reality. Back to vacation:

Lunch was in Encinitas today and it was okay but nothing spectacular. We hit another Thrift store and Mom found a couple of things. I found a book. Yea.

Serenity at the beach! Well, okay, not QUITE serenity. We (the girls) went to the beach where dogs can be. Quite a feat to find in this area. Paid $3 to park for an hour and took Syd down to "embrace her beach diva~!" Um, sure. She told us it wasn't her "cuppa".

Let's just say that even though the signs say all kinds of things like: dogs must be on leases, etc. Not a dog was being either watched or leashed by their owners. Except Syd! When together, dogs tend to gather and display "pack like mentality". Which means about five to six dogs all running together, getting wet and then shaking off wherever they might be (and that was usually right NEXT to ME!!!!), humping the dog nearest to them, a couple trying to hump those impossible to reach, but humping was happening. EVERYWHERE!!!

Dogs were peeing, pooping, running, jumping and cavorting around in very dog-like ways. The Chihuahuas who thought they were large labs, the two beautiful white standard poodles, the well mannered were around too....but the packs scared the shit right outta little Syd. Twice! She found a place between two rocks and that's where she stayed...until Kenna pulled her out and made her venture near the water. Then she was okay for a while. She sort of enjoyed the beach for a bit and then before our car got ticketed, we took our very sandy and wet selves back up the hill to the car and back to the hotel.

Den and Dad went to the USS Midway today to tour it. They made it back to the hotel a few minutes before us. They went to a Barbecue restaurant which was used in filming scenes for "Top Gun." How cool is that? I don't do tight enclosed spaces like ships, so I'm glad they went together. Now, Miss K and Nana are back from the pool (Kenna's idea of a shower because who cares about chlorine, Mom? Green hair is quite fashionable!) Hey, ya gotta get the sand off somehow!


  1. I didn't know you had a dog named Syd!

  2. Syd started out as Brit's and became Mom and Dad's dog. She's part Pekingese and part Pomeranian. Peekapom. She's a hoot!