Saturday, March 13, 2010

Me Argue? Nah! Cool as a Cucumber!

So, do any of you ever get into arguments on vacation? The first day of our Grand California Adventure was fraught with some big issues. Let's face it: vacation is a hell of a lot of work! We're finally on the road and blam. Not perfect! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........and I thought that everything would be fine if we could only venture from our home and be cramped in a car surrounded by luggage, going somewhere we've never been!

Some good things came about. Drive time from Phoenix to Ontario, California? Not the six hours I had envisioned....rather like less than 5! Driving the speed limit!! So, we got here at 2 p.m. (1 p.m. AZ time). California does Daylight Savings Time (AZ doesn't) so after tonight we'll be in sync with our computers and watches! We wanted to make it here before everyone ELSE from AZ descended on LA for their spring vacations!

I can't even remember half of what we argued over....oh, where to eat lunch on the road. Den doesn't care for In and Out Burger (what? How can you NOT like fresh yummy burgers, Burger Boy?) But we were in Palm Springs and went to a HUGE I&O and couldn't believe the volume they were doing! WOW!

Oh, I know what the first argument was! I'm editing that whole scene out. I don't want to go there!

Then there was the ultimate Dumb Mommy moment. Kenna got a Build a Bear gift certificate for Christmas. She has been bugging me to take her to get her Bear built. I saw that Ontario Mills Mall had a store. I thought this would be a great surprise for her on vaca. We all went to the mall. We all walked into the massive mall and found the store. We all walked in: except Kenna. She stood at the entrance with her arms folded. I walked back over and asked her what was up. She said, "I don't want to go in there it's for babies!" I then expressed my desire to surprise her for vaca. She said that she'd outgrown that store and didn't want to go in.

Huh? Teen books, now no stuffing an animal and dressing it in radically silly clothing you pick out for an additional fee? Surely, someone has taken my little girl away and replaced her with a surly tween!

So, my mind is racing with : "How do I save this Mom Faux Pas?" And I think, Fashion! So I told the rest of the clan (Den, Mom and Dad) to pick us up at the OTHER END OF THE MASSIVE MALL and I walked with my daughter to the brand new Betsey Johnson outlet I'd read about. Now, this was a hike! We made it to the store and oggled all the really awesome stuff (which even in outlet form we could NOT afford!) and then went down to a less costly store and found some Uber cute leggings in black with similar two tiered black skirt and Goth Girl was good and Mom's reputation was back in "coolness mode." (Now, Mom this stuff is NOT coming out of my money allotment, right?") Um, right!

Then we couldn't find Olive Garden no matter where we drove...but ended up at Mel's Drive In. It's actually NOT a drive in but a sit down. We sat down, we loved! It's from the Drive in featured in American Graffiti and OMG was it good! Kenna got her salad with massive amounts of Tomatoes and all things vegetarian. We started with Chocolate Malts and Mom had a Salmon dinner which she said was awesome. Patty Melt girl here was happy! Kudos Mel's Drive In!

I was asleep in the room at 8 p.m. Woke up at 6 a.m. Cali time! On vacation? Really! Time for breakfast!

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