Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Monday....

So, what did we actually do today? We ended up going to this scrumptious little Mom and Pop restaurant for lunch and then Mom, McKenna and I went to the movies! We found a theater in San Marcos which was playing Kenna's" Percy Jackson and the Olympians" movie...and I have wanted to see "The Blindside" for some we decided to go the 12 miles there. I found a few restaurant choices ahead of time ;) and we piled into two cars.

We found the first restaurant and decided it looked fine for our needs.
It promised good food and pie. Who can go wrong with that? So in we go and sit down. Now, it kind of reminds me of our good friend's Jack and Judy's place and that is a good sign. The waiters all know the "regulars" and it's pretty busy. We all ordered and waited. We were really impressed with the quality of food. I got breakfast, which is quite interesting, considering I usually HATE breakfast foods.

Remember, I am officially "burgered" out so I passed on those but Mom, Den and Dad had them. They were hand pattied and not the frozen hockey puck type! I ordered a skillet with hash browns, eggs, sausage and cheddar...with sausage gravy. Oh, was I the smart one! It was delish! Rye toast which was really good too! We were all very impressed and quite excited when we saw the deal of the day: all slices of pie for $2! We ordered blueberry crumble (K), Coconut Cream(DD), Lemon Meringue(DM), Custard(L) and Chocolate Peanut Butter(S). They bake them all on premises and they each were phenomenal!

Then, perhaps due to the pie, Den decided he was a little under the weather, so he and Dad went back to the hotel to veg and the women went on to the movies. We did a spot of thrifting before hand, but two of the three places I mapped were out of business. Boo hoo....Nana found some stuff though!

I had wanted to see The Blindside for quite a while and it did NOT disappoint. Now, I really understood many of the situations with the "friends" that Leanne Tuohy dealt with...and I'm sure some stuff was worse for them being in the South....but I did relate to it all. I remember when family members wouldn't talk to my brother and I even remember a cousin telling him that they couldn't play Frisbee with him because he was a N word. I'm pretty sure that there were much better, more graphic bad things that happened to that family which weren't in the movie version.

I'm okay with Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress. I also think that Gabby Sidibe should have won but the Academy wasn't ready to give the Oscar to a fat, black actress! Sadly...............but still I'm okay with Sandra getting it. I cried during The Blindside.

Well, my dinner has arrived and I'm going to go eat! We're eating Calzones from one of our fav pizza places, . In tonight. Being on vaca is very tiring! Well, I got a Ham & Salami Calzone and it was to DIE FOR! Garlic Cheese Bread!!! Kenna got Quatro Formaggio Pizza (4 cheese) and Mom and Pop shared a Spinach Calzone. Den had Sausage and Peppers Calzone and obviously he's feeling better to eat that!

All this eating makes me sleepy and all this sleeping makes me hungry! (family fun quote)

I have NOT eaten so much in months. Surely, I must walk forever tomorrow to compensate. Too bad the hips are NOT going to agree...they are hurting puppies. Ugh.


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  1. I will have to check that out! sounds like you are having fun.