Sunday, December 19, 2010

When is this Holiday over?

So I'm not the real Christmasy Christmas person. Look, I worked retail management for over twenty years and you learn to hate the whole time. People get bitchy, there's no time to celebrate and enjoy the time you do have and you slowly learn to despise the WHOLE ENTIRE SEASON!

Fast forward to now. No more retail! Christmas should be a breeze, right? I did all of my shopping a while ago because I made an agreement many moons ago not to ever set foot in a mall (or other shopping type establishment) from November 20 till January 1st. I just don't enjoy it. I hate crowds, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety and I gotta tell you, I totally lose it while standing in lines of any kind. So why do I find myself doing things like standing in line at the Post Office? (On December 16th)?????????? Why do I see myself scrambling for presents for some people?

Well, it's not for me. Not for MY shipping. Nope, this is for my husband and my mother in law who obviously didn't take advantage of shopping before the season. This should be no big deal right? Well, husband hurts knee..........MIL has the dawning that: "Oh, my Gawd, Christmas is next week.....what am I going to do?" What she means is: What are YOU going to do? Because who is doing her shopping? Yup, Cinder-freakin-Rella. That's who. Yours truly.

Why are some people able to get their stuff together and be proactive and others are sliding under the rolling doors at Mall Department stores on December 24th at closing time? (Oh, yea, it happened to me in 1985, working at Hudson's Department Store in comes a guy sliding on his knees to get under THE CLOSING DOOR to buy whatever was in front of him for his wife. I'm sure she felt really special......and I hope she enjoyed whatever perfume he bought.)

Forethought. Some have it and most don't. Get some..........and try to shop year 'round. You might get some thoughtful and less expensive gifts. At the very least you will feel better come this time of year!


  1. Miss Suse, my total outlook. That special item for someone you love, should not include wrestling, elbows, or someone screaming at you.

    I am the gal everyone crinches at I was done in October, with the last thing a game that the 13 yr old desired, so the big blue box store was the only trip I had to make in the season. And truly only because Nintendo set trelease dates to get us in the stores at this time.

  2. OK- the two of you- what gives with being up in the middle of the night? And besides- what Sue isn't saying is that we (her parents) have been known to be last-minute shoppers. Is that what made you opposite, Sue?
    Suffice it to say- let's celebrate Winter Solstice and Yule- then we can relax, reflect, and regenerate.
    Love you both
    The Mom

  3. Coffee keeps me up late into the night. But it tastes so goooooooooooood!