Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starting another Blog and focusing on MY artistic side!

Well, here we are going straight into the New Year and I decided that I needed to  focus on myself for a change!  I have started taking stock of all my jewelry making supplies as well as the PLETHORA of broken old jewelry I have accumulated over the years.  This is a place I could go, I thought!  My sister and I have been thinking about coming up with a way to earn a little extra money and we've been considering doing "found object" restorations.  Amy is so good at getting something, cleaning it up and re-working it into something useful!  My niece's boyfriend also likes to find stuff in alleys and re-make them.  We started thinking about this and I was thinking of all my jewelry in various forms (made, un-assembed, and old, broken, etc) that could be marketed and Voila!

I have decided to start making jewelry again!  I have started to be creative!  Where will this journey take me?  Hopefully some place fun and profitable!  Even if it just gets me back into a creative focus, I will take it.  I am so looking forward to this!

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