Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep on Keeping on..........

In the words of a famous female journalist:  "And so it goes..."  I am not sure if we are 100% happy with the new med in the mix for K.  There seems to be some problems thinking for her.  Why does the chemical world need to be so hard to maneuver?  She's doing better though.........but this week on the way home from school she told me that she's done at this school.  Those of you who know my kid, know that when she finally verbalizes a statement of this magnitude know that this means:  Decision done, game over...this is the final word!

We had already decided to move her in seventh grade to the local Arts Jr/Sr. High........but now I think we might be finding a new "home" sooner than that.  Our therapist recommended an Educational Consultant whom she uses occasionally for help with some patients...I guess this woman knows the area schools in and out and can help you figure out the best "fit" for your "special needs" child.  UGH!  This road is certainly fun!

Short of home schooling (which has it's own set of issues) I cannot think MYSELF of a school that I think will offer her everything she needs to thrive.  I guess we need to just make the right, best, decision for HER.  I just watched Michael Eisner talking about partnerships.  He said that if the partners don't give 50-50 they don't work.  Even 45-55 does not necessarily work.  I feel like her school has not offered the 50%. I feel that Den and I have been left out in the wind.  I'm assuming this is how K feels as well.  How sad!

My daughter is SO beyond her years!  She is amazingly talented in English, Social Studies, Science,etc.  However, relationships with peers and Math?  Special help is required!  Can someone come up with a plan to meet her educational and emotional needs?  Or are we as parents, grandparents and Aunt out here alone...lonely and wondering why the educational system has let my child down?