Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KMac AKA McKenna's area!

What’s it like to be ten?  Well, it’s been an interesting time!  This year McKenna has been continuing with the Distance Learning School….like homeschooling with a real teacher to answer to.  However, she is seriously considering transferring to the local school just up the street for the next semester.  She thinks it’s time to be around some other kids.  We shall see how this goes since her anxiety sometimes gets in the way of her wants…..but we’re excited to try it out!
Kenna is completing her first novel with a yearly competition to promote creative writing.  She challenged herself to write over the 5,000 word goal that most fifth grader’s strive for….and it closing in on 10k as I write this.  It’s due in a few days.  The tiny excerpts we’ve been allowed to read have us yearning for more!
McKenna still enjoys blogging and photography and is beginning to like make up and has had blue and pink hair this year so far.  She’s very much her own individual and is very politically involved!  She has decided to become a full time vegetarian and is trying to get us to come along on the journey. ( See picture with black bean burger!)

Shining and twinkling
It’s cold outside but my joy is keeping me warm inside
Tonight I’m an insomniac
 Joy shining bright inside me, I  run down the stairs
My ear to ear smile will never fade
I’ve got a note from you
Tonight my brain might explode
I miss the ghost of believing in you
I smile as I rip open the box
Everyone’s alive with cheer
Tonight my dreams will be colored white
and they’ll taste like peppermint
and when this cheer fades away
I’ll think of the golden dream months  I'll see in a few years
As days turn to weeks I know it’s coming to an end
But I’ll just look forward to   the  next lovely wonder that I’ll see.

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