Friday, July 8, 2011

One of Those Things Which Could Have Been Very Bad.......But Wasn't!

Yesterday, Barb, McKenna and I had many errands to run and left the house around noon.  Dennis met us at my parent's house after work and we ate dinner there.  Den drove home first and I followed close behind. I got a call from Den saying not to bring Mac home because when he pulled in the driveway he saw the front door open.  He said he was going to call 911.  At this point I was already in our subdivision so I continued on to the house.

I wanted to go into the house.  I was concerned about the animals and whether they had been hurt or gone out the front door but Den was afraid someone might still be inside. I did go up and shut the door so if the pets were still there, they'd stay.  I heard Gracie somewhere in the hous but not near the door.  Luckily, Den called Mom and Dad after he called 911.  They made the decision between themselves to come take Mac back to their house so we could enter and find out what was wrong without her having to see anything. (Glad they were thinking because apparently I wasn't!  Amazing how that works when something like this happens!)

Mom called Amy and the girls and they decided to come to take Mac to their house so she could hang with the family just rocks!

We waited over an hour for the police to arrive in 104 degree heat!  We did meet the neighbors across the street and our next door neighbor came out as well.  We were offered restrooms, water and cool homes to sit that helped a bit!  The wait seemed eternal but the police finally arrived and apologized for their response time.  When it's hot in Phoenix violent crime rates sky rocket.  Unfortunately open doors doesn't rate real unless you see movement in your house.  I understand.

We told them the dog's names and that they would not enjoy someone entering the house.  So they went in and we called for the dogs.  Gracie came right outside but Gimlie was not having it.  The police yelled at me to stay back so I continued calling for Gimlie from the front yard.  He finally came out.  I shut the door so the cat wouldn't escape (still hoping she too was inside.)

It took a long time for the police to come out but they finally did.  The ironic thing is that nothing appeared to be wrong inside.  The lights we left on were no longer on and the front door was open..........but NOTHING was taken and no other entry was seen.  Locked up tight other than the front door.  The police asked if maybe the dogs knew how to unlock the door as that has happened before.  Well, they are smart dogs.......

We always lock that door and don't even use it for anything other than guests.  We enter and exit through the garage.  Because of home invasions it is ALWAYS locked.  Ironically, even though the front door was open, both dogs and our kitty Izze were all still in the house.  They may have gone out and come back was very hot!  We most definitely air conditioned Laveen for a while but that is the worst thing that happened.  Well, that and there seem to be all sorts of flying bugs in the house today!

We are very lucky that our house stood open and nothing was taken.  Amazing if you think about it!  Though I'm pretty sure the dogs would not welcome anyone who tried to enter!  Who opened the door?  Who turned out the lights?  I think it shall remain a mystery!

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