Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lincoln, Nebraska Thursday!

We came in last night for my Father in Law's Memorial service which will be held Saturday.  Mac was blown away by the revolving door at the airport!  Glad to see the little things can still thrill her!  Sometimes I think we just go through life not noticing them.  Today we saw fresh lilac bushes.  I made Den stop so we could go smell them.  They were in a public area so we took a sprig and I have them next to me in the hotel.  The smell brought back so many memories!  Mac had fun playing with a ladybug as well.  I am loving the REAL grass and NOT having to look for scorpions, etc!

We took a stroll around Den's old neighborhood and he pointed out his old schools to Mac.  Real bonding moment for them which made it important.We're scheduled to go out to Misty's steakhouse tonight which is a landmark here in beef country.  They have the most amazing French Onion soup there.  The Prime Rib is succulent as well.  Apparently lots of graduations happening this weekend so everything will be very busy.

I am so excited that we have many people to see. The food is forefront at the moment.  Den has his list of favs ready to go through.  Since I really wish I had a Pizza from Shelby Pizza Factory I can hardly complain.
Hopefully pics soon.  Enjoy your day!

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