Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day by Day...........

So we're having good days and not so good days in this new adventure.  Some days Mac is just not able to focus on school work.  Other days, she just rocks it out!  I am so happy on those days.  I'm thinking of adding Saturday for a couple of hours of easy stuff....and shortening the 5 hours during the week to about 4.5.  That would mean 2.5 on Saturday.....but I think that would be okay.

I still think she's learning more at home than she did at school!  Den's taking over teaching the social studies portion (after all he's got a teaching certificate in that subject!)  I'm doing math right along with her, problem by problem........and she's working it.  She's going to ask her teacher if she can do most of her "writing" on the computer as opposed to writing it out.  She does much better that way.

It's all good!  Oh, did I mention I am getting a two hour massage tonight?  Yeah, that's how Mama survives!  Have any of you ever read about massage for kids with ADHD and/or BiPolar?  I've heard that it really helps with calming kids down if they receive regular massages.  I'm thinking about getting her started.  What do you think?  Let me know.

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